Sunday, September 24, 2017

2018 Is it now a home buyers Market in Fargo Moorhead?

2018 Is it now a home buyers Market in Fargo Moorhead? 

That is a very complicated answer, technically id say yes it is now a buyers market. So home buyers can now applause, home sellers frown. The strongest area for home buyers would be in the over $300,000 range, that part of the market is being hit hardest in the FM area. Evidence of that is seen in the amount of homes on the market right now, including new homes built as well as existing homes for sale. I'm not sure where to put the blame on the drag in this price range, I suspect some of it is due changing buying habits. I definitely hear from buyers that we've been approved for this much but, only wanna spend this much. Seems to be a new generation that is looking for needs and less for wants. That maybe some of it, but not all of it. If I were to guess home sellers have not adjusted yet to the new market and tend to sit on their home price way too long. Over priced homes sit way too long and actually end up taking a much lower price at the end of the day.

In sharp contrast is the under $200,000, that seems to be humming along pretty nicely. Sales in the price range seem very quick and the good homes still go fast. There is still a huge market for starter homes in fargo moorhead that has not filled by the home builders. The only real area being filled by home builders are the twin homes in the starter home market. Existing homes in this price range will remain popular for the no specials, an no hidden costs. For this reason the existing starter home market will remain strong for the foreseeable future.

The over $300,000 could turn around soon with stable policy from the Federal Reserve, on the other hand it could be a  real estate bubble that popped. We will have the answer next year I'm sure. If you need any advice on this or have a home to sell feel free to contact us at Modern Market Realtors.

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